Workers inspecting rides ahead of Wisconsin State Fair

NOW: Workers inspecting rides ahead of Wisconsin State Fair

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin State Fair opens in just two days and workers are busy putting the finishing touches on State Fair Park. 

That includes inspecting the fair's rides. 

A third party checks all the rides' components as it's being assembled, from the foundation to the final pieces.

There's also officials on site that monitor rides throughout the fair.  

"As they're building, the rides were looking at assembly points, keys, nuts, bolts, all the way up to the final suspension of chain on swing rides, we're looking at every piece we can," said Joe Bixler, President of International Leisure Consulting, Inc. 

Bixler tells us before getting on a ride, watch it for a full cycle so you know what the ride does and that it's something you're comfortable with. He also recommends reading safety signs before getting on the ride. 

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