Worker Injured After Inmates Throw Chairs at Each Other at Racine County Detention Center

RACINE COUNTY - Deputies were dispatched to the Juvenile Detention Center on Taylor Avenue in Racine for a report of an assault last month.

A deputy reviewed recorded surveillance video of the assault and saw detention inmates Timothy Monroe, Billy Summers, and Shante Sanders. The video depicted Monroe and Summers engaged in a physical altercation with one another and throwing chairs. Summers and Monroe are also shown wrestling in a standing position and then going to the floor.

The footage then shows Sanders rushing towards the disturbance. Sanders is seen catching a chair thrown by Monroe and throwing it back, after which Sanders is detained by a detention worker. More chairs were thrown when staff entered the room. According to the criminal complaint, a detention worker was struck in the face when Sanders threw a chair. 

According to the criminal complaint, Monroe stated Summers intentionally bumped into him after exiting the bathroom, at which point Monroe removed his uniform shirt and walked towards Summers and the fight began. Monroe stated he may have hit Summers when Summers wanted to wrestle. Sanders stated he was merely trying to help staff break up the fight, but admitted throwing a chair. 

The three prisoners are now facing charges of Battery by Prisoners and Disorderly Conduct.

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