Woman's dog stolen from scene of car crash on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: Woman’s dog stolen from scene of car crash on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A woman's dog was stolen at the scene of a major crash, and it was caught on video.

This all happened in broad daylight near 35th and Burleigh on Milwaukee's north side.

Tatanisha McAllister is still seriously hurt from the crash. 

She says she's trying to focus on healing while also tracking down her missing dog.

"What type of person would drive past an accident in such a major intersection, not care if the people involved in the accident were alive, seriously hurt, and then still steal a dog after being approached?"

For three days straight, Tatanisha McAllister's home has been quieter than usual. Her 8-year-old dog, Chrissy, was stolen during a car accident.

Video shows McAllister sitting at the light near Burleigh and Fond Du Lac. By the time she made it to the intersection to turn, a car smacked right into her. 

Chrissy is usually sitting on McAllister's lap while she's driving, but when she looked down, Chrissy was gone. You can see Chrissy running from the scene in the video.

A tow truck driver saw someone picking up the dog and leaving. He tracked them down, and here's what they had to say.

"You going to take that dog back?" the driver asks.

"I am just trying to calm him down," they replied.

But that person never returned Chrissy.

"I want my dog back and I am going to do everything I can to get her back," Tatanisha said. 

She says they did get the car's plate number and it belongs to someone in South Dakota.

The car owner told police they allowed someone in Milwaukee to borrow the car.

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