Woman shaken up after purse robbery on Milwaukee's east side

NOW: Woman shaken up after purse robbery on Milwaukee’s east side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A woman is shaken up Tuesday night after she was robbed on Milwaukee's east side.

She said a man jumped out of a vehicle and stole her purse at Prospect and Irving.

"I was pretty traumatized, I'm still shaking even though this happened at around 11:10," said Paany, the woman who was robbed.

She said she was walking back from CVS when she felt someone behind her.

Paany turned and realized he was going for her purse. There was a struggle, and she was knocked to the ground.

"I got up and I told him 'dude, stop it, let it go,' but still he was looking at me and pushing me really, really hard," said Paany.

That's when she started to realize it might not be worth the fight.

"I realized -- my brain started working, I realized, what if he has a gun? And then I just let the purse go and then he went back to the car," said Paany.

She said the man jumped in a red sedan, while two witnesses rushed to help her and called 911.

She used social media to track down her purse.

"I just like posted 'hey guys, this just happened to me, if anyone found a purse or my belongings, let me know,'" said Paany.

Someone found the purse, but her credit cards, ID, and even COVID vaccine card are missing.

"I love Milwaukee, I love this apartment, I love the neighborhood, that's the shocking part for me. I was like this is an amazing area, why is this happening? I couldn't believe that, I was like you know what, I just have to let my purse go, this is happening," said Paany.

She said two other people were in the suspect's vehicle.

We asked Milwaukee police if they're investigating, and they could not confirm.

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