Woman pistol whipped during carjacking near Enderis Park

NOW: Woman pistol whipped during carjacking near Enderis Park

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Shocking moments for a woman near Enderis Park, after she pulled into her garage Monday and was attacked.

The carjacking was over in minutes, but the victim can't get it out of her head.

"So he pistol whipped me right here. This is where he was shoving me against the wall, so it looks like a rug burn," said Stephanie Lagesse.

Marks on Stephanie Lagesse's face will heal. She's more concerned with the lasting scar on her heart.

"Now I feel completely unsafe, looking over my shoulder, totally scared," said Lagesse.

The victim's car is totaled after two teens stole it at gunpoint and went on a joy ride, crashing near 53rd and Center, just a mile from where they took it.

"Just never would've thought this would've happened in my garage," said Lagesse.

The suspects terrorized the woman in the 2900 block of N. 70th Street and fired two rounds, something her memory has completely blacked out.

"Then he's like b___, you think this is f'ing funny? You think I'm f'ing around? You think I"m f'ing around? And I'm like no, no, just take my car. And that's when he took out the gun and he hit me with the gun, and that's when I was like oh God, this is like really happening. You know, he's manhandling me," said Lagesse.

The suspects took off in her car and she called the police. The ordeal adds to growing concerns about a rise in carjackings.

"That's kind of shocking, but it's the way of the times now, happening all over everywhere," said Walter Walker Jr., who lives near Enderis Park.

Lagesse says it took police less than an hour to find her car at 53rd and Center. It struck a parked car, leaving it with serious front end damage.

A few blocks from the crash, outside a church, police recovered her cellphone and a magazine clip.

We're waiting to hear back from police to see when charges may be issued against the two teens, who Lagesse hears are just 13 and 14 years old.

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