Woman gave birth hours before learning her home at 40th and Lloyd was set on fire and destroyed

NOW: Woman gave birth hours before learning her home at 40th and Lloyd was set on fire and destroyed


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police have one suspect in custody for allegedly burning down a house near 40th and Lloyd on Tuesday, June 23. 

One of the residents was giving birth the day it happened. 

Jaleesa Hall was at St. Joe's Hospital when the home was burned down. She saw everything the family owned go down in flames on television. 

A neighborhood search for two missing girls resulted in a house burning down. Hall learned about the destruction at her residence three hours after going into labor. 

"I see it going up in flames and hundreds of people out there rioting, and I didn't know where I was going to go," said Hall. 

Neighbors suspected the house was involved in sex trafficking. 

Police say no evidence of sex trafficking has been found and this should caution people from believing online rumors. 

"Looking at social media from un-vetted sources, to be taking that as gospel, that’s exactly what happened out there on 40th Street," said Assistant Chief Paul Formolo, Milwaukee Police Department. 

Police say both missing girls that prompted the unrest were found in an unrelated location and are safe. 

MPD found one of four arson suspects and are still looking for the rest. 

"To go out and misidentify a house that contains real families, children, and go after the people that are in that house and just set it ablaze is just unacceptable," said Assistant Chief Regina Howard, MPD Administration Bureau. 

Hall's sister-in-law set up a GoFundMe page for the family. Hall says anything that can help her, her 2-year-old child, and her newborn baby is appreciated. 

"We literally just have the stuff on our back at the moment, so we need clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products," Hall said. 

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