Woman claimed Steven Zelich tried to rape her

New police documents are shedding light into Steven Zelich's past and the incident that may have cost him his career as a West Allis police officer.

West Allis Police released an incident report Tuesday which states a woman  claimed Zelich tried to rape her. The incident happened back in 2001. Zelich was never charged and the woman was handed over to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department after police found she had a prostitution warrant in Winnebago County.

According to police records, back in 2001, Zelich met a  22-year-old woman outside a bar downtown. The woman agreed to go his West Allis home with him. The woman said she did not demand money and never promised to have sex.

In the car ride she informed Zelich she was a stripper and it would cost 300 dollars for a private show. She told police, Zelich gave her 125 dollars in the car and told her he would give her the rest later.

When she arrived at his apartment, they began drinking. He gave her a tour of the place and when they arrived to the bedroom he stood in the doorway blocking her exit. She said Zelich dropped something into his back pockets and it sounded like handcuffs.

When she questioned him about the handcuffs she said, \"He went ballistic, I was trying to get out of his room but he would not let me get out.\"

She told police he body slammed her and attempted to choke her. She started to scream, \"Why are you doing this to me? Let me go. Are you going to kill me?\"

According to the incident report, the woman asked, \"Are you going to kill me?\" Zelich responded, \"Are you going to have sex with me?\" The woman replied, \"I'll do whatever you want, I have condoms in my purse.\"

She said Zelich let her go to her purse and was went to get her a glass of water, that's when she escaped. 

She ran to the apartment complex across the street  partially dressed and knocked on doors. A man opened and called police.

Police said her knee was bloody when they found her but there were no marks on her neck.


Zelich's side of the story paints a very different picture. 

He told police, \"I just want you to understand this was play for play, adult consensual sex, not pay for play.\"

He denies giving her 125 dollars. In fact, he said she stole the money from his wallet when he left it on the table.

The police report states, \"Steve said he got upset with her and a struggle ensued in an attempt to get his money back.\"

Zelich planned on pressing theft charges against the woman, but  agreed not to press charges if his money was returned to him.

Police found  $146 tucked into her hair. She told police $125 was given to her by Zelich, the rest was hers. She gave the money back and kept the rest.


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