Woman charged with sex trafficking 10-year-old

NOW: Woman charged with sex trafficking 10-year-old

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A woman is facing charges for sex trafficking a 10-year-old child.

It’s just one of many recent incidents of trafficking in the City of Milwaukee.

According to the criminal complaint, back in April, a 10-year-old victim was seen being paraded along wearing very revealing clothing by someone who was supposed to be taking care of her.

Senya Keita, 43, claimed to be like a godmother to the victim. According to the statement her boyfriend gave to police, Keita used to take the child out for hours at a time dressing her up in heels, revealing clothing, and even wigs.

They would allegedly leave without money and come back with a bottle of alcohol. The victim says she would often see Keita, her boyfriend, and others doing drugs, and also made her try them out.

In late July, a man named Michael Brooks is accused of sexually assaulting the victim and her younger sister on a rooftop.

A recent report says that in 2016, over 300 individuals in Milwaukee were victims of human trafficking, and half of them were underage.

“We have a high rate of poverty and especially in the inner city you have a lot of segregation as well and then you have a lot of individuals who are looking for a variety of ways to make money and to exploit other people,” says Executive Director of Exploit No More Jarrett Luckett.

Both Brooks and Keita are facing felony charges. They’ll both be back in court next month.

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