Woman Charged in Homicide above Sunshine Supermarket

A Racine woman appeared in court today in regards to the death of a woman above the Sunshine Supermarket Store in Racine.

Myquette L. Johnson was charged with first degree intentional homicide of Kim Cantwell.

On October 4, Harry Fumich used a cord from a black mini fan and fatally choked Cantwell. She then collapsed on the floor and Fumich placed her body in the apartment refrigerator.

The Racine Police Department was contacted about a body thrown into the dumpster behind the Sunshine Supermarket on October 5. Officers contacted Waste Management to search the waste. They located a body wrapped in a blanket at 16th and Oakes Rd.

According to Johnson, Harry Fumich was tired of Cantwell and had stated, “I hate Kim, she ridiculed my name.”

Police attempted to serve Johnson’s warrant in November, but she was taken into custody this week.

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