Woman arrested for overdue library book

SHOREWOOD--A local woman was pulled over and then arrested Thursday morning for, of all things, an overdue library book.

It's with disbelief Laniece Greenwood tells us her story about being pulled over in Shorewood.

\"He's like, 'Do you know why I pulled you over? He said it's because you have a warrant? It's from Cudahy for an overdue book,\" said Greenwood.

She said she started laughing and quickly realized it wasn't a joke.

She was on the way to drop off her daughter at school. \"He said he was going to have to take me in, but I had my daughter in the car. He said he would follow me to her school and let me follow him to the police station,\" said Greenwood.

At the Shorewood Police Department she was handed a copy of the citation and a new court date.

\"I've never even seen that ticket before,\" said Greenwood. The citation was issued a year ago.

The overdue fines total $177 dollars.  Librarians at Cudahy Family Library denied an interview with us. However, they did tell us, once a book isn't returned in a minimum of 60 days the book is considered stolen. They hand over a list of the overdue book keepers to the Cudahy Police.

\"There is so much crime over here and you're going to pull me over  for a library book,\" said Greenwood.

Police say they take the library's list and start mailing out citations. A person can either pay the fine or go to court. If they do neither, a warrant is issued for their arrest.

 Greenwood claims she never got the citation,\"I've never even been to the library in Cudahy.\"


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