Woman accused of putting pills into 10-year-old son's drink and sexually assaulting him

A 10-year-old boy told his father that he was sexually assaulted by his mother earlier this month in Greendale. The boy told his dad that she put sleeping pills into his drink and instructed him to perform sexual acts on her.

After hearing the story, the father walked into the Greendale Police Department to report the sexual assault. CBS 58 is not naming the mother to protect the identity of the child. She is a 35-year-old Greendale woman.

The boy was interviewed by authorities and he explained that his mother put sleeping pills into his slushy. These pills made him have double vision and slurred speech. While the boy was "drunk" on these pills, the mother proceeded to undress and instructed her son to perform sexual acts on her. 

The boy told authorities that these incidents happened while he was staying with his mother between August 5-7.

On August 10, the mother was interviewed by police and admitted to giving her son the sleeping pill Ambien on two occasions, but denied the sexual assault accusations.

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