"Wizard of Oz" display attracts onlookers, raises money for charity

The Halloween season is out in full display in Milwaukee neighborhoods but one particular house in Bay View is getting lots of attention.

If you drive near Clement and Idaho in Bay View, it's hard not to miss it.

It's a tradition that began 14 years ago for Andy Reid and his partner.

"I've always loved Halloween I think it's a great time of year makes everyone feel like a kid... we just started building displays and it grew every since we came here," Reid said.

Every year, they choose a different theme. But this year, they've built their biggest creation yet.

"It's a crazy version of the Wizard of Oz... there's a couple of details we want everybody to have fun with," Reid said.

Characters like Dorothy, the scarecrow, and some animated trees that have been an instant hit.

"These were a great find... found them online bought three of them but these are the apples from when Dorothy is going past Tin Man's house," Reid added.

Aside from entertaining, Andy and his partner want to make a difference in their community. They set up a box up front, for people to make donations. The donations go to the organization "Pathfinders" and "Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee."

The display will be on until October 31st. The owners are already planning next year's theme.

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