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Witnesses rush to help officers after squad rolls over, Milwaukee officer killed in crash

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Several streets in the area of 76th and Silver Spring remained blocked off well into the night following a fatal rollover squad accident where an officer was killed.

Video shows Milwaukee firefighters surrounding the police squad car after it flipped over near 76th and Silver Spring. It landed right near a bridge.

"When I turned around, the car was just flipping in the air and then it slammed into the bridge." Tyrone Scott says he saw the Milwaukee Police squad car flip at least 8 times.

"It was just flipping flipping flipping like this and then it hit the pole," said Scott.

Another witness who didn't want to go on camera says the squad car passed him going at a high rate of speed before the squad hit a curb and went airborne.

Scott says he saw the officers chasing another vehicle.

"It was going eastbound on Silver Spring at a high rate of speed. It was pursuing someone," said Scott.

Milwaukee Police confirm that 23-year-old Charles Irvine Jr. was killed. Witnesses tried to help on scene before the two officers were taken to a local hospital.

"Everyone in the area ran over to see if they could help the policeman that was in the car. One was on the ground in bad shape and one was still in the car," said Scott.

Milwaukee Police confirm that the squad car crash happened after the officers were in pursuit of a reckless vehicle. 

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