Witnesses recount shooting that injured Milwaukee Co. deputy

NOW: Witnesses recount shooting that injured Milwaukee Co. deputy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)-- Two connected shootings happened in a residential Milwaukee neighborhood Wednesday morning, Jan. 26.

Shelly Nowacki lives near 64th and Dixon where a man police were looking for was hiding near garbage bins.

"It's like right in front of my house," Nowacki said.

She was up, scrolling through Facebook, when she heard gunshots.

"I heard like two or three shots, and I right away got up, looked out my window, and I just seen a guy lying on the ground," Nowacki said.

The unidentified suspect shot a Milwaukee County deputy sheriff in both arms and the torso.

"The officer (was) saying shots were fired, shots fired," Nowacki said. "It happened so fast. All the sudden I looked and I went to go get my husband, and the guy wasn't even in the street anymore."

The deputy sheriff was taken to the hospital.

The suspect ran away again.

An emergency alert asking people to shelter in place was sent to nearby phones.

"We're blocked off completely with the caution tape, and we look and there's like 5,000 police cars. Well, not 5,000, but you know," Nowacki said. 

Just blocks away, police found the suspect hiding behind a car near 60th and Main.

A woman who asked not to be identified said she woke up from the emergency alert.

"I came down, and my dogs were barking like crazy, and I saw a gentleman crouching around a car over there, and then I heard the officer say 'put your hands up,'" the woman told CBS 58.

The Milwaukee County sheriff reports officers heard a single gunshot.

"I saw his body drop to the ground," the woman said.

Surveillance video from her home security camera shows police approach the suspect.

"They were giving him CPR for quite a long time," the woman said.

On opposite sides of the neighborhood, both witnesses shared similar feelings: shock and disbelief that this could happen where they live.

"Nothing like this. I mean, this has been a very good, quiet neighborhood," Nowacki said.

"This area is really quiet, and we don't have incidents like this happen at all," the woman living near 60th and Main said.

There is no danger to the public, but these witnesses said they'll remain cautious until the feeling of shock fades.

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