Wisconsin Woman Cracks Open a Can of Beer After Being Pulled Over

 A Madison woman responded to being pulled over by cracking open a can of beer.
According to Madison Police, the intoxicated woman nearly hit a bicyclist.

An officer, out on foot, saw an SUV driving fast on State Street near UW-Campus. 

The officer used her flashlight to beam the driver while yelling at her to slow down.
Instead of backing off of the accelerator, she continued to travel at nearly 40 mph, coming within one foot of a bicyclist. The peddler looked back to the officer to make sure she had seen the near collision.
She had, and she jumped in her squad. The suspect was pulled over near the intersection of Langdon St. and Henry St. She refused to get out from behind the wheel. Instead she opened the beverage and began drinking.
It took several officers to get her out of the car, under control, and in handcuffs.
The 42-year-old Madison woman was arrested on numerous tentative charges.

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