Wisconsin woman awaits baby in midst of Houston flooding

NOW: Wisconsin woman awaits baby in midst of Houston flooding


A Wisconsin woman now living near Houston is awaiting her second child in the midst of catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Amy Fleming grew up in Appleton. So did her husband Bill. Their house isn’t flooded, but the major highways to the hospitals are inundated with water right now.

Fleming is due on Saturday. Now she’s working on a “Plan B” in case her baby comes sooner.

“I'm very nervous. Maybe I can find someone in the neighborhood who could deliver my baby at my house, but that's desperate measures if it comes down to that," she said.

Fleming might use the Nextdoor app to locate doctors who live nearby. Other people around Houston, especially families in need of rescue, are using the app to send urgent messages.

“I feel like I’m trapped here. I tried calling my doctor’s office to get the on-call doctor and it just keeps ringing and ringing and then it hangs up. I’m kind of at a loss here,” Fleming said.

Her fingers are crossed that the rain stops and the flooding goes down before her second child arrives.

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