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Wisconsin students continue march to Janesville to rally for stricter gun laws

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – A group of young people is pushing or change in Wisconsin.

They’re marching 50 miles across the state, nearing their destination in Janesville.

The young people marching wanted to do even more after the March for Our Lives ended on Saturday. They’re walking from Rock County to get to Speaker Ryan’s office.

The group is calling the movement “50 Miles More.”

Forty students from across Wisconsin began the four-day, 50-mile march on Sunday and will rally Wednesday at Traxler Park in Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville. Organizers say the rally is beginning of a student-led initiative to keep the pressure on lawmakers and push for stricter gun laws.

Students say while their trek has been long, they want Speaker Ryan to understand that young people should live without fear of gun violence.

“Walking 50 miles shows how passionate we are about this issue. It gets a lot of impact from other people with the help of social media, we’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from everybody,” said Alemitu Caldart a freshman at Shorewood High School.

The students will arrive at a local church in Janesville and rally Wednesday at noon. Twenty-five parents are acting as chaperones.

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