Wisconsin shows positive numbers in vaccine rate

NOW: Wisconsin shows positive numbers in vaccine rate

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – State and local leaders explain what a third vaccine will mean for communities across the state Tuesday, March 2. This comes after the approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Officials also addressed concerns about the new vaccine registry website,  which still isn’t live.

Next week, the state is expected to receive 47,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“I think people have been very patient,” says Governor Tony Evers during a virtual luncheon on Tuesday. “I understand that it can be frustrating for folks, but we are slowly getting more, more and more.”

So far, 1,466,654 doses have been administered in the state.

More than 510,000 of those are second doses.

Well over half of Wisconsin’s 65+ population have received their first dose.

Wisconsin is among the top states in the nation for those who have administered the vaccine, sitting at 93%. Officials anticipate those numbers will continue to growing with the availability of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“People need to understand that when their group is called, that doesn’t mean it can happen all in one day,” says Governor Evers.

One of their hurdles now is getting the new registry site up and running. It was supposed to be live this week, but encountered issues with components not working properly. They now anticipate it to be live this Friday.

“So, we’re getting there,” says Governor Evers. “I frankly am pleased with the way we’re going. We continue to be number one in the Midwest.”

Officials are still working their way through the second half of 1B. They say priority is being given to those 65+ and educators.

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