Wisconsin nursing homes named as a problem on Senate list

It is a situation that at some point in most of our lives we fear having to make. Placing your parent or loved one in a nursing home may be one of the most difficult and traumatic events of your life. There often comes a point in time when they can no longer live on their own and we are faced with making difficult decisions regarding how we handle this situation.

Most people enter a nursing home with the promise of quality care. Unfortunately, all too often, nursing home facilities do not live up to that promise. Defenseless residents become victims of abuse and neglect, resulting in injury and wrongful death.

Early in 2019, a Senate report and list was released to the The Associated Press and to PennLive.com. This report and accompanying list outlines nursing home facilities that have serious ongoing health, safety or sanitary problems. Budget cuts at the facilities were a central factor.

There are nearly 1.3 million nursing home residents in the United States. According to the report, approximately 3% of the nation’s nursing homes are included as problems on this list.

Eleven nursing homes in Wisconsin have been named on this list.

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