Wisconsin man sentenced to 30 years for sex trafficking

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- 31-year-old Wisconsin man Jaboree Williams was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sex trafficking.

September 1 a jury found Williams guilty of 18 counts related to sex trafficking, interstate transportation of a victim for purposes of prostitution, conspiracy to distribute heroin, obstruction of justice, witness intimidation and witness tampering, contempt of court, and sending an extortionate threat.

Williams enticed and recruited victims into sex trafficking through force, fraud, and coercion. Multiple victims testified that Williams forced them to perform sex acts with “customers” for Williams’ benefit and to turn over all of the money they received to Williams. The evidence established that Williams trafficked his victims using a particular website and forced the victims to travel to locations outside of Wisconsin, including Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. The victims further explained that if they broke Williams’ rules, he would severely beat them.

Williams also tried to impede the investigation and contacted witnesses from jail to intimidate them.

The trial evidence also established that during the investigation, Williams attempted to intimidate witnesses, directed witnesses to provide false testimony to a grand jury, and directed witnesses to destroy evidence. Despite a no-contact order entered by a federal magistrate judge, Williams also gained access to the internet from jail and used social media to threaten and intimidate witnesses and victims.

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