Wisconsin Man Charged in Shaken Baby Syndrome Case

PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) -- Medical experts say a 4-month-old child was likely the victim of shaken baby syndrome after an investigation into a series of seizures and brain bleeds last month.

The child's mother's boyfriend, Matthew Huettl, 25, of Amherst has been charged with first degree reckless injury, child abuse causing great harm, and bail jumping.

According to court documents, the infant was taken to St. Michael's hospital on Sept. 7, and later transported to St. Joseph's in Marshfield. Investigators stated the child had brain bleeding at two different stages, indicating the likelihood of abuse.

On Sept. 8, the child was determined to have preretinal hemorrhages in both eyes and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes, an indication the child had been shaken or suffered a severe blow to the head. A doctor believed the child could have developmental issues as result of the injuries. According to court documents, the doctor said the brain injury was likely due to being shaken, as there were not external injuries.

Investigators said the child began screaming and developed seizures after being left alone with Huettl.

A judge has given Huettl until Oct. 24 to obtain an attorney. He's free on $1,500 cash bond.

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