Wisconsin leaders talk impact of infrastructure bill passing

NOW: Wisconsin leaders talk impact of infrastructure bill passing

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- State and local leaders are already talking about how the infrastructure bill will be affecting Wisconsinites.

Roads and lead pipe replacement seem to be two big issues Governor Tony Evers and Mayor Tom Barrett are saying this infrastructure package will help out with, but there are other things on their agenda as well.

"I was real hopeful that at some point in time this would've happened way earlier," said Gov. Evers.

He said this bill passing is a long time coming, but now he's looking towards how it'll benefit constituents.

Evers said expanding road work is one way.

"We've done a thousand miles of road fixed in the state of Wisconsin," said Evers, "this will help us move that forward."

Replacing lead pipes in both rural and urban areas was another issue he highlighted.

"I know there's money to help us fix lead pipes which is a huge issue," said Evers.

That's something Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said is a priority for him too.

"The opportunity to get very very much sorely needed resources to help with our streets with our bridges and our invisible infrastructure," said Barrett.

He highlighted other things that could see improvement locally as well.

"Making sure that we've got good busses, making sure that we have good trains, making sure most importantly from our perspective that we have good streets and bridges," said Barrett, "and here in Milwaukee in particular, replacing lead laterals."

Evers said there's other things this will have an impact on as well, like broadband and port expansion.

"I think this is a huge win for us," said Evers.

President Joe Biden said many of the jobs created to complete the kinds of work being planned wouldn't require a college education to do.

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