Wisconsin leaders reflect on life and legacy of Rep. John Lewis

NOW: Wisconsin leaders reflect on life and legacy of Rep. John Lewis


(CBS 58) -- “This man had a life worth living and it has been such a blessing to have just been in his presence," Congresswoman Gwen Moore said about Representative John Lewis.

She calls him a “living legend,” a man inspired by his predecessors to fight for what’s right, and what’s human, in the world.

“He was always about reconciliation, restitution, about coming together and about the moral, just, thing to do. It was always about justice," she continued.

Moore knew Lewis for more than three decades, and still calls him a “dear friend”.

She had protested and had been arrested with him. She was by his side on a visit to Selma.

She also worked with him on the Ways and Means Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“He was a fierce warrior because he had those velvet gloves that would just knock you out every time, that moral authority," Moore said.

 Lewis was a pillar of the civil rights movement.

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said his unyielding humility is an example for young leaders and activists.

“Let’s not forget he was one of the best youth organizers in our nation’s history,” Barnes said. “The lessons learned then apply so much to the fights and the battles and the struggles of today.”

Moore called Lewis’ passing a huge loss, but said the baton has been passed.

“John Lewis lived long enough to see the global impact of a George Floyd,” Moore said. “And to be able to say I may not be able to get to the promise land, but I can look over and I can see it. I can see that it’s there.”

Moore said she’s looking forward to continuing the work of Lewis, including within the Ways & Means Committee – digging into taxes, tax distribution and the impact on the community.

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