Wisconsin lawmakers Steil and Moore react to government shutdown

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers Steil and Moore react to government shutdown

Wisconsin lawmakers are talking about the federal government shutdown and its impact. 

Bryan Steil, one of the country's newest members of congress, who replaces Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s first district said he's frustrated with the impasse. As he took the oath of office at a district swearing-in ceremony in southeast Wisconsin, his thoughts were back in Washington D.C.

"I'm in Wisconsin, not in Washington, and I think it's worthwhile commenting on that though, because uniquely I should be in Washington today," he said.

Supporters of the Republican freshman lawmaker joined him at Memorial Hall in Racine on Sunday.

Steil took the opportunity to address the partial government shutdown that began nearly one month ago.

"I'm frustrated," he added.

Now the longest government shutdown ever, people are feeling the effects, especially federal employees working without pay.

Steil said it’s unacceptable. "We have coastguard’s men that aren't being paid. We have individuals that are very seriously being impacted. I think what we need to do is have more of a dialogue, come together to resolve this as quickly as possible."

However, Wisconsin Democrats like Congresswoman Gwen Moore also want the shutdown to end.

In a statement, Moore said, “the president needs to reopen the government, so we can have a serious conversation about border security when the livelihood of working American families is not on the line."

But it seems that won't happen without some kind of deal.

"I think properly funding the national security needs, in particular the borders -- a complete appropriate ask the president had made. I support the 5-point-7 billion dollars that's been requested," Steil said.

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