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Wisconsin family living in Hawaii taking shelter, says air quality too dangerous to return home

WISCONSIN/HAWAII (CBS 58) -- A family who lives near the volcano has been talking to CBS 58 as they still try to figure out what is next for them.

The Breitwish family is originally from the Milwaukee area and moved to Hawaii from Stevens Point in 2009.

They had been staying at a friend's house after they were forced to evacuate earlier in the month.

Tammy Breitwish says air quality continues to keep them away from their home.

"We were not able to go back into our house the last couple of days because the SO2 is so bad that it will really make you sick. They say it's extremely hazardous to your health," said Tammy Breitwish.

The family says they're trying to get a house of their own right now. They also say the real estate market on the island is being overwhelmed with families trying to find other places to live.

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