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Milwaukee natives living in Hawaii fear home will be completely destroyed in volcano eruption

HAWAII (CBS 58) -- Explosions from the crater of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano could soon throw giant boulders and ash miles into the air.

Scientists say a massive explosion would shut down air traffic and put people nearby in danger and among those people, a family from Wisconsin.

Tammy Breitwish, originally from Milwaukee, says she feels lost and broken as she fears the volcano will destroy her home. "I don't know what to do at this point. We are so lost."

The Breitwish family moved from Wisconsin to Hawaii about 10 years ago. They're staying at a friend's house after they were forced to quickly evacuate last week.

Breitwish’s husband went back to get some belongings on Thursday but immediately got sick from rising sulfur fumes in front of their home.

Breitwish said the cracks on her street have grown so much that you can't drive across part of the road and that there's steam coming from those cracks.

"Extremely scary and frightening,” Breitwish said. “That means there's lava beneath us still coming, don't know where it could shoot up. It could shoot up anywhere. It could shoot up literally in your backyard."

Tammy said the island is in desperate need for respirators and their local Red Cross is collecting them. Their friends in West Bend have started a GoFundMe page for the family. If you'd like to donate, click here. 

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