Wisconsin Doctor says, "Not sure Jordy Nelson Could Play on Sunday, even with Rib Protection"

WAUSAU (WSAW) Dr. James Messerly from the Bone and Joint Clinic in Wausau says rib injuries, like the one suffered by Green Bay Packer wide receiver Jordy Nelson's are very painful.

Nelson missed most of the game after getting hit hard and spent the night in the hospital.

Messerly says they can make it hard to sneeze or even breath. He says he's not sure Nelson will be able to play Sunday at Dallas even with rib protection.

Broken ribs can lead to other issues like collapsed lungs or spleen injuries. None of those injuries were confirmed in Nelson. But, the doctor says that's probably why they sent Nelson to the hospital to see if there were other injuries.

Dr. Messerly says the player who hit Nelson put himself in danger by hitting with the crown of the helmet. That can lead to spinal injuries.

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