Wisconsin buglers join nationwide tribute to George H.W. Bush

NOW: Wisconsin buglers join nationwide tribute to George H.W. Bush

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At least 250 buglers around the nation remembered Former President George H.W. Bush Thursday afternoon. The musical tribute was also heard in southeast Wisconsin. Four buglers took positions in Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Greendale, and Oak Creek. 

At the exact same time across the nation Thursday afternoon, including four locations in Wisconsin, buglers played 'Taps' in honor of Former President George H. W. Bush. 

Bugler Robert Kaun played 'Taps' at the Greendale American Legion Post 416. 

"It gives me a special honor to be able to do that here in Wisconsin since there are many other buglers doing it across the country at the same time," Kaun said. 

The buglers all performed in the direction of College Station, Texas, which is George H.W. Bush's final resting place. 

"You have hundreds of people across the country all facing a similar direction, playing the similar final tune of devotion for a very honorable man and a special president to this country," Bugler Tom Swigert said.

Swigert played 'Taps' outside of the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center Thursday. 

"For a trumpeter, these are the most important 24 notes that we can play and render the final honor today to President Bush," Swigert said. 

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