Wisconsin Assembly candidate Steen hosts 'Toss Vos' campaign event ahead of primary

NOW: Wisconsin Assembly candidate Steen hosts ’Toss Vos’ campaign event ahead of primary

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- One of Tuesday's hotly-contested Assembly primaries is happening in Racine County.

A man named Adam Steen is trying to unseat longtime Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. Steen held an unorthodox campaign event Monday night in Burlington.

Vos has represented the people of the 63rd Assembly for nearly 20 years, but Tuesday's election won't be a shoe-in. 

On the eve of the election, down in Racine County, supporters of Adam Steen played a game they called "Toss Voss," catapulting dummies that look like Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Wisconsin's longtime Assembly speaker has been representing the people of the 63rd Assembly for over 18 years, but Republicans at this party say it's time for change.

"It's unacceptable, and we have to have pride and trust in our elections and those two things are taking it away and that affects everybody in Wisconsin," said Jay Schroeder, secretary of state candidate.

Unfounded claims of voter fraud are a common complaint.

"We're at a crossroads in our country and it's not just the state of Wisconsin. If you want free and fair elections and you want them to continue so that we have a constitutional republic, you have to look at this election right now," said Steen.

Steen ran for Congress in 2018 and lost, but after getting an endorsement from President Trump, he thinks he's got a shot over the incumbent.

"Even though we both state that we are in the Republican party, I believe that there is a very, very wide gap that's becoming more visible right, over the last couple years," said Steen.

The divisiveness of the Republican party as of late has been notable in the 63rd Assembly.

Vos sent us this statement Monday about his opponent:

"Instead of talking to voters about all the issues that matter to them, he's chosen to engage in an immature publicity stunt that confirms he is not ready to hold public office."
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