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Wisconsin American Legion hoping to persuade Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission to enhance preference to veterans

Wisconsin American Legion Commander Daniel Seehafer says he was surprised to learn that the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission approved reducing the preference points given to military applicants from 10 to 3.

"Veterans deserve better," Commander Seehafer told CBS 58 News. "We're dealing with Memorial Day and giving thanks for that ultimate sacrifice. We honor the fallen. But we need to honor those who are still serving. Is this really a thank you to veterans deserving the best?"

In the same April meeting, the commission increased the preference points to 5 for those living within 15 miles of the city limits.

Adjutant David Kurtz says he understands rewarding those who stay local, but says the training an applicant gets in the military better positions that job seeker to serve the community.

"We don't see it as a bad increasing points for those living within the city," explained Kurtz. "But when you look at the training and discipline of military veterans and their dedication to serve the community, I don't think it's good for the community to reduce the points they're given."

The Wisconsin American Legion says it became aware of the issue only after the vote.

It has reached out directly to the commission and the mayor's office.

They say they have not heard back and are encouraging folks to let their wishes be known as they see various city leaders out and about over the weekend for Memorial Day Observances.

"A work ethic, a discipline, a higher calling to serve community," added Kurtz. "Veterans are trained in crisis management. Basic skills in the military translate very well into first responders in the community. Why wouldn't the city of Milwaukee want more military veterans as employees?"

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