Winter Takes Toll On Cars

We're in the home stretch of  winter and there's no denying its been a tough one.

Just one of those things the  cold has taken a toll on, cars.

\"The last few winters have been pretty light compared to this one and the car flow, or the car count is up. We are seeing more cars with more problems that are suspension related, even batteries with this cold weather we've had, starting issues,\" said Chad Medcalf, a mechanic at Monroe's.

Medcalf even gives drivers a few tips to prevent from being scammed.

\"If they don't want to take you out to your vehicle to show you what's wrong, chances are something isn't right, anything that they show you should be fairly obvious even for people who know very little about cars,\" said Medcalf.

The Better Business Bureau also  getting a written estimate for parts and labor before any repairs are done.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.


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