Winter gardening in Wisconsin can be done, Mequon couple will show you

MEQUON -- It's not the first thing that comes to mind when you see this winter weather.  But for Joey and Holly Baird, winter is another growing season.

\"You don't feel so dragged down by winter,\" Holly said.

That's because they have a small garden inside their home.

\"It's a hobby for us, it's something we invest our time in.\"

They have a garden outside, but it's covered with snow this time of year.   They want to show people it's easy to garden all year, even in Wisconsin.

\"You can apply it if you live in a city, an apartment or a condo or even if you have a lot of space,\" Holly explains.

Joey grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois.  Holly grew up in West allis.  Now they share a love for gardening in and out of their Mequon home.

\"The problem with most gardeners is they start big and then they get discouraged because it's out of control, they can't keep up with it,\" Joey said.  \"Then they decide, I don't want to garden no more because it's too difficult.\"

They hope to change that - through simple, instructional videos.

\"We decided to start making videos and two and a half to three years later we are still doing it,\" Joey said.

They document their gardening adventures at

\"Just to help people out,\" Holly said.

Through the good and the bad. 

\"We show our failures,\" Joey insists.   \"We show here's what we did, here's what we did wrong.\"

This isn't even their job.  Joey works full time, Holly works part-time and is a full-time student.

\"This is just something we do on the weekends and when we have a few minutes here and there,\" Joey said.

Now it expanded across the world.  They've heard from fans in Russia, Australia, Canada, and beyond.

\"People want to know where their food is coming from,\" Joey said.  \"By showing how to grow it, a lot of people realize it's not as difficult as they once thought to grow some, if not most of the food they eat.\"

They post two or three videos each week.

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