Window Select general manager steps down following storm of complaints

NOW: Window Select general manager steps down following storm of complaints

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) --- Since CBS 58 reported complaints from Window Select customers about paid unfulfilled orders, we've learned that the company's general manager has stepped down.

An employee who wishes to remain anonymous shared an internal email sent to Window Select staff. In the email Ray Muldrew writes "I regret to inform all of you that as of today I am leaving the company effective immediately. I truly love and appreciate all of you." Muldrew served as General Manager and worked closely with Window Select's owner and president, Justin Kiswardy.

There are many questions about why Muldrew is stepping down, but sources tell CBS 58 that he's just one of many employees who have been leaving the company due to issues behind the scenes.

Customers continue to report not receiving their orders after paying and other customers who waited months say even when their orders arrived, they did not get what they ordered.

"As they were starting to install the windows, we noticed they were wrong. I live in a condo where everything has to be uniform," said Susan Vazquez, Window Select Customer from Waukesha.

Like many other customers, Vazquez is still waiting for Window Select to resolve the issue with her order. She says she's been given the run around but there's been no follow through.

"Last September was a year now that I've been trying to get my order complete," said Vazquez.

A public relations representative for the company sent CBS 58 a statement Monday pointing to "challenges including supply chain issues" as the reason for delays but customers say they're not buying that.

A current employee who wishes to remain anonymous told CBS 58 that supply chain issues is not the reason customers aren't getting their orders. They say providers of materials and manufacturers are not being paid and that's why customers are not getting their windows.

Our source also says sales reps are quitting and reps who make ETA calls. ETA reps call customers to let them know when their orders arrive, but an employee says when those calls are made, the rep knows the customer won't receive their order on the date they're told. This has led some of those reps to quit, according to the source.

The employee says most customers will likely be waiting a least a year for their orders, some longer and says many customers who do receive their orders will get the wrong products due to a previous ordering team.

CBS 58 had requested an on-camera interview with Window Select owner Justin Kiswardy multiple times and those requests have not been answered.

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