Wind chill is cooling off Valentine's Day

WEST ALLIS -- Valentine's Day is supposed to be hot with the passion of love, but the weather may be putting a chill, a minus 20 degree wind chill, on the \"day of love.\"

Dylan Shaffer & Katie Heinz opted to stay in saying, \"We were just inside looking for a movie, we decided to stay in tonight because it's too cold.\"

At West Allis' Steak House 100, the owner says the cold is heating things up for his neighborhood restaurant.

Scott Sitowski says, \"I believe they're staying close to home because of the weather.\"

And because they're staying close his staff is working quick on their feet.

Sitowski says, \"It seems like the weather is bringing people in tonight. We have a 45 minute wait tonight which is phenomenal, we have both our rooms packed up full.\"

Carissa Galow is one of those love birds who opted for a closer option, \"We're really close on 70th, so not far, we weren't going to venture too far from here.\"

Bell Ambulance Paramedics are expecting more cold related calls. First responders say if you have to be outside look for the signs of frostbite and hypothermia.

Angela Weins says, \"If you're outside for too long initially you'll feel cold, if you have any headache confusion nausea it's probably better to get inside.\"

Experts say one minute in minus 20 wind chills could lead to frostbite. So staying by the fire, may not only be romantic, it may be what it takes to weather the wind chills.

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