Wild temperature swings on Wednesday lead to another hot and humid Thursday

NOW: Wild temperature swings on Wednesday lead to another hot and humid Thursday

What a wild day of temperatures we had on Wednesday. Many communities warmed quickly into the 80s during the morning hours. Then we had a big drop in temperatures during the mid-morning hours. Inland areas were pretty pleasant the rest of the day in the 70s but Milwaukee continued dropping into the 40s during the afternoon then warmed back up into the 70s in the evening. Temperatures dropped into the 50s early Thursday morning but have now warmed to around 70*.

The temperature drop in Milwaukee from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM of 24* in just 30 minutes classifies it as a pneumonia front. In order to be a pneumonia front you need at least a 16* drop in one hour associated with a lake breeze induced cold front which is exactly what we had.

The 86* high in Milwaukee was hot enough to tie the record previously set in three years: 1987, 1982, 1896. Thursday could also break a record. The current forecast high is 85* and the record is 87* set back in 1900!

Thursday will be another hot day with highs well into the 80s for most areas, even lakeside, although Sheboygan and Racine might stay in the upper 70s. Counties away from the Lake could hit 90*! Friday is still a warm day with most in the 80s once again then temperatures slowly drop through the weekend with much more comfy air returning next week in the 60s.

In addition to the heat, it's going to stay pretty humid the next 72 hours. Lots of mugginess today with dew points in the middle 60s. Humidity will drop a little but still pretty noticeable Friday and Saturday with dew points around 60. Next week looks a lot more comfortable. 

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