WI State Patrol Air Support Catches Porsche Driving 118 MPH

A Wisconsin State Patrol pilot flying a routine traffic safety enforcement mission calculated that a Porsche was traveling at 118 mph on I-90/94 in Monroe County on Friday, July 22, at 5:17 PM before it was stopped.

According to the pilot, a black Porsche 911 was traveling with the flow of traffic when it suddenly accelerated in the left lane and passed a large group of cars. The pilot radioed the information to a trooper in a ground cruiser, who was able to stop the vehicle without incident.

The driver told the trooper that he was speeding because he had to use the bathroom.

“The driver is extremely lucky that he did not cause a violent crash that might have seriously injured or killed himself or others,” says State Patrol Lieutenant Christopher Jushka, who supervises the Air Support Unit. “This incident also shows the value of aerial traffic safety enforcement in apprehending drivers who endanger others on our highways.”

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