WI GOP subcontractor fired, political canvassers claim they weren't paid

NOW: WI GOP subcontractor fired, political canvassers claim they weren’t paid

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some political canvassers say they weren’t paid after being hired by a subcontractor for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

The canvassers say they were hired to knock on doors, and encourage people to vote for President Donald Trump.

“As you can see, Trump’s name is on this. Trump’s name is on this," Corey Kirkwood said while holding up a door-flyer from the president's campaign.

Kirkwood said he was hired as a recruiter for In-Field Strategies.

But after days of work and when it was time to be paid, he says he and the canvassers got the run-around.

“That night, they gave me partial payment of my money. It went from there to the next day more people came about asking for their money," he added.

Justin Prather, owner of Paladin Industries, LLC, said he hired subcontractor John Bush to find workers.

Over the phone, Prather said canvassers were paid for the work they did.

He added that he has evidence that it’s the canvassers who are committing fraud, but would not give details.

“I know that those apps can have glitches in those things," Kirkwood said.

With 16 years of canvassing experience, Kirkwood said he believes the system the company was using was also inaccurate.

“All the time, I had plenty canvassers call my phone and tell me, 'hey, I can’t log in.' Every time I try to tell John this information he refused to talk to me," he explained.

Prather said Bush’s contract was terminated, but would not say why.

He also said his company is still waiting on canvassers – who say they weren’t paid – to reach out.

A representative for the Republican Party of Wisconsin said they understand that the company that hired Bush will pay the canvassers who are owed.

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