Whitewater Barn Fire Kills at least 200 Animals, Spares Two Dogs

WHITEWATER -- Nearly 250 animals are dead after flames destroyed this barn in Whitewater Thursday morning.


\"There was sheep, lamb, goats, and some turkeys and wild birds.\" said Whitewater Fire Chief Don Gregoire.


By the time the fire department got to the barn on Tri-County Road, tt was already up in flames.

The roof collapsed, burning many of the animals beneath it.


\"Considerable loss for the homeowner here. Most of his livestock is lost in this fire.\" said Gregoire.

Almost every animal that lived inside that barn died, except for two 9-month old Great Pyrenees dogs, used for herding sheep.


Thought to be dead after being missing for hours during the chaos, but by noon, the noticeably tired dogs showed up and brought a little bit of happiness to such a tragic day for the animal lovers who live here.


The Whitewater Fire Department is still trying to figure out what caused Thursday morning's fire, but right now they say it looks like it was an accident.


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