Whitefish Bay High School Students Prepare for Trip to Cuba

Whitefish Bay High School students signed up last May to go on the trip to Cuba.

The school provides opportunity for learning trips to different countries, but this will be the first group traveling to Cuba.

The students were chosen on a first come first basis, 36 were chosen and will be accompanied by 5 chaperons including Social Studies teacher Riley Mewes.

Mewes said it's really exciting that the group gets to go.

Mewes said the excitement is growing and the students are eager to learn about the culture and build relationships with Cubans.

“President Obama was there yesterday the first President since Calvin Coolidge almost 90 years. So I think it kind of reinforces the idea that this is just the new beginning of the relationship between the two countries.  Our president went there now we are going to send some wonderful ambassadors there some high school students who are really going to try to connect and engage with the people,” said Mewes.

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