Whipping wind gives way to quiet Thanksgiving

NOW: Whipping wind gives way to quiet Thanksgiving

The rain started pushing in Tuesday afternoon and got heavy at times Tuesday evening through early Wednesday morning. Some areas even heard some thunder with a few storms rolling through southeast Wisconsin. Rain reports locally have reached 1" in spots. Snow reports in the northern part of the state have passed 6". 

Here's a radar image that will update with time throughout the day:

Winter storm warnings are still in effect in northern spots until this evening. A wind advisory just went into effect for southeast Wisconsin. If you are traveling north or west today I would recommend waiting until noon to leave. If you're traveling to the south, you won't see much precipitation but the wind will be even stronger there.

The wind has really ramped up this morning with gusts already to 50 mph. Wind gusts just south of the border in Illinois could get as high as 60 mph.

After the rain from Tuesday and wind from Wednesday, we deserve a quieter day and will get it just in time for Thanksgiving. Expect highs in the upper 30s for Turkey Day with lighter wind and some decent sunshine, especially in the morning. 

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