Where are the best spots to view the solar eclipse?

The big solar eclipse event is now less than one week away! Are you excited? I know the CBS58 team is pumped for the coverage. Southeastern Wisconsin will not be getting the view parts of the country will get in terms of seeing the full totality, but most spots will see at least 80% coverage. The max times in Wisconsin will range from 1:10-1:20pm on Monday.  The best locations to get closer to totality will be in the southern part of the state where coverage could be at 87-88%.

If you want to full totality, there are several great spots, depending on weather, to hit. The epicenter, so to speak, for the big event is Carbondale, IL. It’s it 6-7 hour drive from most areas in southern Wisconsin. Follow the line of totality on the map, and you will find a great spot to see complete darkness for at least 2 minutes.

If you cannot get to the line of totality, you will have a few more opportunities this century. In 2099, the line of totality will pass through southeastern Wisconsin. I hope I’m around to see it! 2024 is the next time a solar eclipse will hit the U.S.

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