Wheaton Franciscan St. Joseph Hospital Hires K9s for Security for Emergency Department

The newest members of the hospital staff at Wheaton Franciscan St. Joseph cannot take your temperature or blood pressure, but they can provide a unique brand of care and comfort that makes a visit to the hospital more welcoming.   

Canine units were introduced on Monday as part of a new program to not only keep the hospital safe but make patients feel a little more comfortable.

This morning CBS 58 walked around the hospital with Officer Zola Yang and K9 Bo.

They will join their partners Officer Mark Cassidy and canine Odie.   

The units will be patrolling the front lobby the emergency department and other areas throughout the hospital.

The K9s have gone through about eight months of training.

They will help the hospital with security and also be used for therapeutic reasons primarily in the emergency room but will be throughout the entire hospital.

There are also stickers at the entrance of every public door letting everyone know that there are dogs patrolling the hospital. 

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