What to know before you go to the polls for Wisconsin's Spring Election April 6 🗳️

NOW: What to know before you go to the polls for Wisconsin’s Spring Election April 6 🗳️

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin's Spring Election is Tuesday, April 6, and we have some last-minute reminders before you cast your ballot. 

First, make sure to check your voter registration status on the MyVote Wisconsin website HERE

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

You can return absentee ballots to clerks offices, drop boxes and polling places. 

Face coverings are still highly recommended but not required. Voters can not be refused a ballot for not wearing a face covering. 

Of course, bring a photo ID to the polls. Wisconsin requires an acceptable photo ID to vote, such as a Wisconsin driver license, state ID card, US passport, military and veteran’s IDs, tribal IDs, a certificate of naturalization, and some student IDs. Anyone with questions about photo ID can visit the state’s Bring It to the Ballot website (https://bringit.wi.gov) or call 1-866-VOTE-WIS for information.

“Most people have the ID they need to vote, but if you don’t have one you can get one for free with one visit to your local Division of Motor Vehicles office,” said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official. For more information, call 608-266-1069.

Wolfe also reminded voters that their acceptable photo ID for voting does not need to show their current address. “When you show your photo ID to get your ballot, you’re proving who you are,” Wolfe said. “You already proved where you live when you registered to vote.”

Wisconsin voters with a driver license or state ID card do not need to worry about whether their ID has a “REAL ID” star in the corner to be used as photo ID for voting. A photo ID with the star may be needed to board an airplane or enter federal buildings, but it is not required for voting.

Also, voters over the age of 60 who use a Wisconsin driver license do not need to worry if they have not been able to renew their ID due to the pandemic. The DMV has extended the expiration date for people 60 and over whose driver license expired after March 12, 2020, until May 21, 2021. That means voters can still use their Wisconsin driver license for photo ID as it’s not technically expired.

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