"We've never built a building like this:" Marcus BistroPlex opens Friday

NOW: “We’ve never built a building like this:“ Marcus BistroPlex opens Friday

A bar inside of a movie theatre is not exactly a new concept in Wisconsin. But, in Greendale they'll be doing it on a much bigger scale!

The BixtroPlex is set to open next door to Southridge Mall on Friday. It will feature eight "in theater" dining rooms where your food is served by a waitstaff right next to your seat. The menu has a variety of foods and there's a full-service bar.

CBS 58 News got a sneak peek inside this week.

"Every single auditorium is serviced by an actual server. There's no traditional walk up, concession stand. So in the work that Marcus Theaters has done for the past 82 years, we've never built a building like this," said Vice President Rob Novak.

Marcus Theaters says being able to dine at the movie theater takes all of the drama out of a night out when folks are just getting home from work and want to get a bite and escape for a few hours. 

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