Washington County youth football coach exposes players, fellow coaches to COVID-19

NOW: Washington County youth football coach exposes players, fellow coaches to COVID-19

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A youth football coach in Washington County exposed his players and fellow coaches to COVID-19 by attending practice with a pending COVID result and then learned he was positive at a game, according to Washington County officials. 

Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann made the announcement on Monday, Sept. 28. 

County Executive Schoemann said the club immediately relieved the coach of his duties. 

“Responding to this pandemic is easy,” said County Executive Josh Schoemann. "Stay home when sick, period. I have not found anyone who agrees with the coach’s decision to attend practice and a scrimmage while waiting for his test results. Individuals who blatantly ignore the Trump Administration and CDC guidelines play right into the hands of those who want to see our economy, schools and sports shut down. Every outbreak begins with a sick person not staying home. The vast majority of our citizens are doing this.”

The football club assessed close contacts through video of the scrimmage. The club "appropriately handled the situation," the county executive said in a news release. 

“Washington County will not be issuing orders or heavy handed government orders. We trust organizations, such as the gridiron club, to appropriately apply CDC guidelines for close contact,” said Schoemann.

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department urges anyone who is symptomatic or waiting for test results to stay home until the results are received, the county executive said in a statement. If you test positive, keep your community safe by staying home. We all need to work together in order to slow the spread and keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

The county executive said in a statement that anyone who may have been exposed to this coach should be tested by calling their health care provider, visiting a regional community testing site, or calling the health department at 262-284-8170.

The full statement from the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League can be read below:

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