West Bend Family Speaks Out After Fire

A young woman was rescued from a fire in West Bend on Monday and the family is speaking out about their ordeal.

They lost a lot of their belongings instantly, but are so thankful they didn't lose 18-year-old Lydia.

She was trapped in the basement.  

"She was yelling for help, we were yelling at her, come to the window,” said Kyle Craig, her brother. "You like try and breath and it's awful.  I can't imagine what it would be like in there."

But, Kyle Craig's 18-year-old sister Lydia was still in the home.

The dehumidifier, 15 feet away from her, exploded and woke the family up.

"I opened the basement door and there was just this black smoke coming up the basement stairwell,” said Kyle.

The rest of the family ran outside and Kyle busted the basement window trying to get to her.

"There was just black smoke, you could see maybe 2 or 3 feet in to the basement,” said Kyle.

Kyle's father, Jim, was at work in Cedarburg and rushed home. He said he was praying the whole time he drove home.

"That was the longest 12 mile drive," said Jim Craig.

But his prayers were answered, Lydia was out and alive.

Their church family is helping them with clothes, food and the necessities.

An online fundraiser is already generating thousands of dollars.

The Craig family is thankful for that, and for the firefighters saving Lydia.

"I am truly grateful for what you did for Lydia and all of us,” said Jim.

The Craig family is staying in housing that is owned by the church until a permanent situation is found.

Church members are already talking about volunteering to help them shop for new clothes.

"I've never experienced a lifeless body like that, and they tell you it's hard, and it is. My partner and I, it took all we could do to get her to the steps,” said Kyle Demler, firefighter.

"In this particular case, we were fortunate because the family member knew that there was somebody in the home, so that saved a lot of time,” said Lieutenant Alan Hefter, West Bend Fire Department.

Lydia's family is so thankful everyone got out.

You can donate to the family here or at Falls Baptist Church in Menomonee Falls. 


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