West Allis Pleads Not Guilty to Multiple Counties Crime Spree

Zachary Hays entered a not guilty plea for the crime spree that spanned multiple counties and left two people dead.

Hays was in court on charges of first degree reckless homicide for the shooting death of his neighbor, Gabriel Sanchez.

According to the criminal complaint, back in May, Hays forced his way into Sanchez's apartment and shot him dead.

The woman he lived with, the mother of Sanchez's children was in the courtroom today.

She said she wants to see Hays spend the rest of his life in jail.

“We are living day by day and I know this negative thing changed our life but me and my kids we want to keep going our life is like a new chapter we want to finish this we want to start a new chapter and we want to continue our life, no matter what.,” said the mother of Sanchez’s children.

Hays is also facing a number of charges in Sauk County.

He is suspected shooting a 44-year-old mother as she drove home with her family from a vacation in the Wisconsin Dells.

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