West Allis Man Allegedly had 72 Packets of Cocaine in His Underwear

A West Allis man allegedly had 72 packets of cocaine in his underwear when he was arrested for trying to sell it in Waukesha.

Eric Broadnax, from West Allis, was charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of THC and possession of a firearm by a felon.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred on February 26.

Waukesha Police received a tip that an individual was going to a park on Grand Avenue late at night to sell drugs.

Police found $1,909 in cash on Broadnax along with a flip phone.

In his back pocket, police allegedly found two Jamaican bills, seven $2 bills, two old $20 bills and one old $10 bill. Broadnax allegedly said that was his lucky money.

Broadnax was transported to the police department. There he was told he was going to be strip searched.

Broadnax asked if he could just tell the officer what he had on his person.

He then unzipped the fly on his pants and pulled out a handgun. The gun was fully loaded.

One round was in the chamber.

Police allegedly found in Broadnax underwear 72 individually packaged baggies of crack cocaine. 

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