West Allis Family Says Crews Did Hatchet Job on Property to Make Way for Zoo Interchange Construction

NOW: West Allis Family Says Crews Did Hatchet Job on Property to Make Way for Zoo Interchange Construction
West Allis -

It was the landscaping job he never asked for.

Al Jacobson of West Allis  has  a cautionary tale about the Zoo interchange construction by the West Allis home of his son. 

"We had a lot of damage done to property on 100th street in West Allis and the Zoo interchange," Al Jacobson tells CBS 58 News.

At first he says Mayor Dan Devine was helpful with who to contact at the Department of Transportation.

They Al says he got stuck in a game of passing the buck.

"We went to DOT, they sent us back to West Allis. And its just been back and forth and we still don't have any answers about the damage and it's still a mess over there."

Mike Pyritz of the DOT tells CBS 58 that there were multiple attempts to contact the family and the need to remove tree limbs to allow for the placement of some heavy machinery on the block.

February 3: Mailing sent

February 13: Project team walked door to door to speak with residents. Knocked on the door at 671 S 100th Street but there was no answer.

February 15: Notice hand delivered

February 20: Multiple notices hand delivered to multiple doors on property

February 24: Mailing sent

"We were in and out of the property," explains Jacobson who says there were plenty of opportunities for crews to talk face to face with the family."He's home every day. He's asked them to remove their trailers so he could get in and out of his driveway. We were around enough for somebody to come up and talk to us."

Jacobson says it's just not the consent issue but also how they did the landscaping.

"It was not professional," says Jacobson.

Al Jacboson told his full story Monday to the CBS 58 News at 4.

For a link to the DOT's website click here

The DOT recommends checking out its web page about the Zoo interchange project and urges residents to do a pre-work home inspection that will make it easier to settle disputes of damage.

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