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West Allis business fighting to get liquor license back after investigation into stolen alcohol

NOW: West Allis business fighting to get liquor license back after investigation into stolen alcohol


A West Allis business is fighting to get its liquor license back.

The city revoked it after an investigation found the business owner bought dozens of cases of stolen alcohol.

The attorney representing the owner of Bunty's liquor says his client is a victim in this scheme police say was committed by three men, one of whom he trusted.

Bunty's Liquor Store at the corner of 84th and Cleveland has been dry for about two weeks now. The owner accused of buying more than 150 cases of stolen vodka.

"Had my client known the liquor was stolen, he never would have purchased it," said Attorney Jacob Manian.

Attorney Jacob Manian says his client wasn't suspicious because the seller was his regular delivery driver from General Beverage. 

Earl Robers and two other men have been charged with stealing thousands in booze from the New Berlin distributor.

"My client never sold a single bottle of that liquor because he didn't have the invoices and knew that he couldn't."

"If you possess stolen liquor and don't have invoices for that alcohol, the city is going to take it very seriously," said the West Allis City Attorney.

Last month, the West Allis Common Council revoked Bunty's Liquor License, going against the committee's recommendation for a 45 day suspension.

"The cases that were recovered on scene in this instance, it required a pretty decent response."

Manian calls it unlawful and unfair to a businessman he says has never caused the city any problems. And the longer the lights are off, the financial burden grows.

"He feels terrible he got swept up in this but he does not deserve to have his license revoked."

The civil case between Bunty's and the city of West Allis is in the beginning stages. Court records show a hearing has been set for May 19th. 

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